Both St Edward’s Prep School and St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form have been fortunate enough to be a home for the Lampedusa Cross this week, as it makes its journey round the Clifton Diocese.

The cross, made by pupils from St Edward’s Catholic School in Hampshire, is currently making its way around every school of the Diocese as part of a pilgrimage aiming to help us all focus on the plight of refugees and encourage us to feel compassion for others and promote a message of hope.

Francesco Tuccio, an Italian carpenter, made the original Lampedusa Crosses in 2013.  When hundreds of refugees drowned off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa, he gathered driftwood from the beaches, much of which was from the wrecked boats, and used it to make the crosses. There were 366 casualties from the incident, and the crosses that were made by Tucci were given as a symbol of hope and rescue to the 155 survivors.

After visiting our Senior & Sixth Form School yesterday and being placed in the Chapel for students to visit, it has spent the day at our Prep School today, with Year 3 pupils visiting it to learn about its origin and understand why we are hosting it in our Schools.