Pupils from Year 7 and Year 8 at St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form recently took part in a Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Taster Afternoon. St Edward’s CCF has been a successful and hugely popular extra-curricular activity over recent years and, from September, it will be on offer to pupils in Year 8 and above. The taster provided the perfect opportunity for them to ask questions and get a taste of what they could look forward to if they chose to join.

After a short briefing from SSgt Keylock, the students jumped straight into a range of different activities. With the large group of interested children split into four groups, each went to different stations with regular rotations to sample everything on offer.

Along with a very popular inflatable assault course, there was also a VR flight simulator experience and an opportunity to see the equipment used when conducting ‘Skill at Arms’ training on CCF parades and training camps. There was also the chance to ask questions to current cadets during a command task event, a military format used to develop leadership and communication skills, where the students were taught how to tie a highwayman’s hitch knot and then raced against other teams.

The pupils who attended thoroughly enjoyed their experience, asking plenty of questions and really immersing themselves in St Edward’s CCF. We hope to see some of them in the contingent next year.