Year 10s were joined on Tuesday morning by Jordan and Celia from St James’s Place Wealth Management, who came to the Senior School to lead a session focussing on teaching our pupils about the value of money, differentiating between items that are ‘needed’, ‘wanted’ and what represents ‘value for money’.

The workshop started with the pupils being asked to list the things that they buy with their money, and work out whether these products are necessities or just something that is desired and not necessarily essential.

A short mental arithmetic task followed, where the students had to decide which deals were best value for money with regards to buying everyday items in bulk or more of a lower cost item.

The final part of the morning with St James’s Place saw our pupils work through a scenario where they had to put themselves in the shoes of someone starting an apprenticeship as a landscape gardener, organising the cost of equipment, uniform, travel and lunch using a pre-determined budget.

The session was an extremely useful way for the group to test out their financial acumen and certainly highlighted the importance of budgeting, giving our students plenty to think about as they look to the future.