Prep School and Senior & Sixth Form pupils gathered at Sacred Hearts Church and the Main Hall respectively today to celebrate the beginning of term with Mass, each led by our Chaplain, Fr Pat.

The theme for both Masses was the celebration of St George’s Day and the reasons why St George is the Patron Saint of England. There was also a focus on the messages of Jesus following his resurrection.

The Head Boy and Head Girl of St Edward’s Prep School began their Mass by lighting the Paschal Candle, a privilege as it is not often lit outside of the Easter period.

At the Senior School, a number of pupils delivered readings, describing the messages that Jesus shared of kindness and love towards others.

Ft Pat spoke in his homily of the sacrifice of St George, who died for refusing to deny his Christian faith, and his pursuit of peace and justice.

Our start of term Masses are always a timely opportunity for the pupils and staff of both Schools to come together and look forward to the term ahead, whilst enjoying a period of calm and reflection.