Our annual Senior School Spring Concert took place on Tuesday evening, bringing together musicians from Year 7 to 13 in an impressive celebration of music. It was a wonderful occasion, allowing our students to showcase their gifts and talents, demonstrating the results of the dedication and commitment they have shown to their musical activities since September.

Proceedings began with the performance of a fanfare composed by Year 9 student Tallulah T. A welcome from our Director of Music, Mrs Pope, was then followed by performances from the St Edward’s guitar group, who treated us to two pieces, one of which was composed by Year 11 GCSE Music student Vincent H-C.

The Chapel Choir performed next, and twice overall on the night, with lovely renditions of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” and the hugely popular Eva Cassidy version of “Over the Rainbow”. The Brass Ensemble and the Senior Choir both performed “Bohemian Rhapsody” during the evening, each providing an individual take on Queen’s classic tune.

The whole of Year 7 performed together, as is tradition at our concert at the Pump Room, singing The Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” with a high level of musicality.

Our Sixth Form Music Scholar, Milly T, executed two pieces brilliantly on the night, on two different instruments. First was “Andante et Scherzo” on the trumpet, followed by Brahms’ “Intermezzo” on the piano.

Other performances included a fanfare to begin the second half of the concert, composed by Zoe G (Y9), a rendition of Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” by the Wind Ensemble, Leonard Cohen’s haunting “Hallelujah” sung by the acapella group and our Drum Group played an upbeat, self-composed piece aptly named “Wakey Wakey!” which certainly gained the attention of the audience!

The closing number saw all the choirs come together to perform a medley of songs from the hit Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen”, conducted and entirely co-ordinated by our Music Scholar, Milly.

The evening was a great success, with each one of our musicians performing admirably and ensuring that all who attended enjoyed a truly wonderful evening of entertainment.