St Edward’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) were visited on Thursday by Air Cdre Lester who came to school to conduct the biennial inspection of the contingent. A range of challenging physical and mental activities took place, enabling our cadets to demonstrate the skills and abilities they have developed through their CCF training.

Throughout the course of the day, our cadets were split into six sections, rotating around six different stages and working co-operatively to solve challenging scenarios and test their sharpshooting, athleticism and problem solving abilities.

They participated in a patrol and confrontation situation, casualty extraction, a military aircraft identification quiz, filling water tubes from distances using teamwork, a timed rifle-loading and assault course challenge and also shooting at a target. Headmistress, Mrs Clayfield, joined in with the target shooting exercise and exceeded all expectations with some very accurate sharpshooting!

Before the inspection concluded, there was time for Air Cdre Lester to hand out some promotions on behalf of our contingent. Cadets James, David, Alice, Jakub, Ollie, Daisy and James all were handed promotions by our guest and were well-deserving in their rise in rank.

Air Cdre Lester observed our cadets in action and, following a parade and inspection, addressed the contingent saying, “Cadets is a great way to form bonds and learn skills that you can’t learn academically. I really enjoyed speaking to each and every one of you this afternoon, and have been particularly impressed by how confidently you have presented yourselves and shown your commitment to the cadets”.

St Edward’s CCF is just one of a number of extra-curricular activities on offer to our students. It provides young people with a fantastic opportunity to learn self-discipline and gain more self-confidence, helping those who join to become better equipped for life outside of, and after, school.