This term a group of Year 8 girls from St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form have become involved in an Engineering Development Trust Scheme, in partnership with GE Aviation.

The UK has the lowest percentage of female engineering professionals in Europe at less than 10%, so schemes and programmes like this which aim to promote the participation and interest of girls in science are essential.

The Year 8s have been tasked with designing “a new Eco Friendly Hotel which uses new, sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to create the energy it needs to run”.

The students have been placed into two teams to carry out various tasks and activities over ten sessions, through which they are learning more about renewable energy solutions and innovations in reducing carbon footprints. As part of the project the teams have to make a model of their hotel, produce a written report and prepare a five minute presentation about their design.

Today the students were working with their mentors, Engineering Degree apprentices from GE Aviation, discussing viable ideas, talking about the concepts and plans they had thought of, and considering what they could bring forward into the design stage.

We are very excited to see how this scheme progresses and look forward to seeing the creative designs and ideas that our Year 8s come up with for their Eco Hotels.