60 Year 6 pupils from a number of local schools stepped back in time today when they took part in a History Experience Morning hosted at St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form. The children were split into four groups and took part in a variety of sessions, each focussed on a different aspect of History.

In our Performance Hall, members of Charlton Kings Players kindly gave up their time to bring World War Two to life, as they ran a workshop looking at different aspects of daily life during wartime, including rationing and the family home. The pupils also had the opportunity to play some traditional wartime games. In the History Department, the groups learnt about the events of D-Day and also became code-breakers, attempting to crack some fiendish communication messages, whilst learning about the crucial role the codebreakers played in bringing the second World War to an end.

Elsewhere around School the children tried their hand at Roman Army battle formations, making their own shields and learning about the ways in which soldiers protected themselves in battle. In the Library the groups were introduced to the language of Old English through some fun and challenging games – they also learnt how to sing “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”.

It was a hugely enjoyable and educational morning which allowed the participants to fully immerse themselves in the past. When they were asked what they enjoyed best about the morning some of the children’s comments included:

  • “I really enjoyed the codebreaking because it made you think and it was really fun.”
  • The best thing was learning about D-Day and how Britain won the war.”
  • “I loved making the Roman Army formation.”
  • “It was really interesting to find out about rationing.”

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