Year 3 pupils thoroughly enjoyed a terrific day trip to Warwick Castle this week. The trip served as excellent enrichment for their current in-class topic work on castles, where the children have already researched and created fact files about famous UK castles and will shortly be writing stories set in a castle.

As part of the day, the pupils took part in an “Attack and Defence Workshop”, where they were introduced to the structures and strategies involved in the defence of Warwick Castle through the ages. The History Team talked to the group about how castles have changed and improved over time, and the different types of castle construction such as motte and bailey. They also found out about certain battles and the people involved in them at different points in history. They were shown how Warwick Castle protected and defended itself during these battles and were encouraged to think about why the castle is located where it is, along with the reasons behind the choice of building materials.

The group climbed the motte which has been on the site for 951 years and discussed the pros and cons of the Anglo-Saxon shield as opposed to the Norman shield. From the top they had an excellent view of Warwick’s huge authentic recreation trebuchet – the largest siege machine of its kind in the world – and they all imagined what it would be like to be under attack from a barrage of rocks launched from the mighty catapult.

Year 3’s action-packed day continued with a fascinating birds of prey display, featuring Katie the kite and Bruce the buzzard, who demonstrated some amazing flying skills. There was also time for some members of the group, who managed to brave the heights, to climb to the top of the tallest tower enabling them to enjoy come magnificent views of the Warwickshire countryside.