We have been celebrating British Science Week all week at St Edward’s Prep School, with pupils from Pre-Prep up through to Year 6 taking part in experiments and learning more about science.

There were all kinds of different trials and investigations taking place throughout the week including:

  • In Reception children experimented with making slippery slopes and created their own perfume
  • In Year One they created dancing raisins with the help of some soda water
  • In Year Two the pupils tested the different distances and airtime of paper aeroplanes, helicopters and gliders
  • In Year Three the children were learning about ‘Matilda’s Floating Feet’
  • In Year Four they were finding out how far a sneeze can travel
  • In Year Five they were enjoying finding out about the scientific ‘Journey to the Afterlife’
  • And in Year Six the pupils were ‘Ditching the Dirt’

British Science Week is an annual celebration of science, technology and mathematics that allows people of all ages to take part in engaging events and activities, creating opportunities for everyone to get involved in science.

All of the children were very excited and inquisitive to learn more, finding the experiments engaging and fun, as well as educational.

Bringing science to life is can be very important to a pupil’s interest in the subject and having opportunities like British Science Week, and also our recent visit from an animal expert, gives pupils the chance to experience just that.