Year 6 pupils at the Prep School had a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with a selection of exotic animals today when Dave from RaptorXotics paid a visit to school. The aim of the session was to provide extension to the “Animals and Adaptation” topic that the classes have been focussing on this term.

The children were introduced to a number of different species of animal including a tortoise, African Fruit Beetles, a Bearded Dragon, a tarantula and a Pueblan milk snake, as Dave spoke to the group about each animal’s habitat, adaptation and the evolution of the species. There was an opportunity to hold and stroke the various creatures, allowing the Year 6 pupils to have a unique, hands-on learning experience.

There was also a very special appearance from Crackerjack – the White Faced Owl – who put on a magnificent flying display in the Pre-Prep Hall!

Some pupils were understandably more apprehensive than others when it came to the petting of lizards and snakes, but on the whole, they were all very brave. It was hugely interesting for them to gain an understanding of how evolution works and the changes that happen to animals in order for them to survive in the wild.

The Year 6s were completely engaged in the activity, asking Dave lots of great questions and were clearly very inquisitive to learn more about the species that were on show throughout the morning.