Last Friday afternoon saw the inaugural “Speech Matters” event take place at the Prep School. The aim of the activity is to provide pupils in the Prep School with an opportunity to gain experience of public speaking by reciting poems and stories in front of an audience.

There were five speakers for this first session and their presentations provided great variety for those in attendance – from recitations of classical pieces of literature and humorous poetry, to one very special reading of a poem a pupil had written themselves.

All of the children were able to show off their personalities through their performances, with everyone in attendance impressed by their confidence and the amount of effort that each pupil had clearly put into their preparation.

The importance of learning how to speak in public cannot be underestimated. Providing opportunities to practise speaking in front of others, and receive feedback, helps to develop key life skills which we are sure will be most useful for our pupils’ future academic professional lives.

All the participants thoroughly enjoyed, and relished, the opportunity to get up and speak, and are excited to take part in the next Speech Matters event next term.