This week the whole of Year 9 travelled to Bristol to participate in a Geography Field Trip, learning about the regeneration of Bristol Harbourside.

The group undertook a variety of field work including completing land use survey, carrying out an environmental quality assessment and collating a pedestrian count at different locations around the Harbour. They intend to use the data they collected as part of a project, once they are back in the classroom.

Following their data collection activities, the group visited the M-Shed, a Museum located on Bristol’s historic dockside which details the fascinating story of Bristol and its unique place in the world. As part of their visit to the Museum the students took part in a workshop focussing on Bristol and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

During the session the students investigated objects and historic documents to explore peoples’ attitudes towards the slave trade and learnt about how Bristol was changed by its involvement.

The Field Trip ended with a boat trip around the docks and Temple Quay, where they managed to get an incredible view of SS Great Britain.