This week has seen pupils in Year 5 and 6 at St Edward’s Prep School take part in Financial Workshops, run by students from the University of Gloucestershire, to help teach the value of money.

The initiative is part of a project being run by the University of Gloucestershire Financial Education Project Team, in conjunction with Red Start. The aim being that if young people are taught how to look after money from a young age it will set them on the right path for life.

Each group spent a morning or afternoon participating in a series of games and learning sessions, which focussed on the importance of budgeting, saving and being sensible with money.

The games played included; ‘Fighting Fit’, a fitness-based game where your endurance would be rewarded, ‘Eye on the Prize’, a darts game where high scores could lead to big money, and ‘Built to Last’, a challenge to build the highest tower with more money to be won, the higher the tower was. There was also a banker on hand for the more risk-averse pupils so that they were able to invest a proportion of their money safely, if they didn’t want to risk it on the games.

The pupils all thoroughly enjoyed the experience, fully engaging with the activities and taking away a lot of new knowledge about finances and the skills they will need to manage their financial futures.