At the Prep School we are very fortunate to be able to offer Forest School as part of the curriculum in Pre-Prep. Classes are taken outdoors where the children hunt for mini-beasts, grow produce, look for birds and wildlife and make dens. Our educational programme also involves inspiring visits to nature reserves, seashore, farms and other local places of interest.

Forest School is a special place for the children, where they are encouraged to test boundaries and explore, taking risks in the great outdoors. Learning to cook over an open fire, peeling vegetables and woodwork, all add to their skills and growing sense of independence.

We take full advantage of our school grounds; often taking walks through the wooded areas, before going on to see the alpacas and goats on the School Farm.

One activity recently undertaken by our Pre-School Class was an exciting hunt for the Gruffalo! After listening to the story of the mouse’s journey through the forest, our Pre-Schoolers followed in mouse’s footsteps, tracking the Gruffalo and encountering the fox, the owl and the snake along the way!

After their walk the group thoroughly enjoyed making clay Gruffalos and playdough snakes, before toasting brioche buns over the camp fire. What a fantastic morning!