St Edward’s Prep’s First Team were fortunate enough to be joined by Cheltenham Town FC Manager Michael Duff for a very special training session on Wednesday.

Right from the start, Duff went about putting the players through their paces, with the warm-up including the classic lap of the pitch and also a game of dodgeball.

They then moved on to some fun training exercises that tested their dribbling and tackling, with each player having a ball, attempting to not only keep possession of their own but also attempting to dispossess the other players in the quadrant.

Throughout the session, the Robins’ Manager was really engaging, encouraging the children to keep their energy levels up whilst they worked on developing their skills.

The group split into two small teams for some game-type scenarios, which saw a number of great goals scored before a yellow “next goal wins” ball was introduced – this really served to boost the children’s will to win!

A huge thank you to Mr Duff for coming along to take our training session and providing a fabulous opportunity for the pupils of St Edward’s Prep to learn from his wealth of experience.