This week we welcomed Year 6 children from six different schools to St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form to enjoy a busy and action-packed “space” themed STEM Day.

Children were tasked throughout the day with exploring the origins of “a meteorite that has survived its journey through the atmosphere”, analysing its contents and investigating what meteorites are made from.

To do so, they had to separate the two cores of ice, melt them, and carry out experiments to determine the amount of metal and carbon dioxide that existed in the layers using sodium hydroxide, indicating the amount of pollution that may have taken place on the alien planet the meteorite originated.

From testing acids on metals, to extensive research and using microscopes to investigate signs of life, the Year 6 pupils were able to identify how the two separate samples were from different periods in the planet’s life, and how comparing the samples showed the effects of pollution.

As well as providing the children with an opportunity to experience hands-on Science in a laboratory, the event also taught an important lesson about the impact of pollution and the fact that we need to be conscientious and considerate to look after our planet.