The final of the Senior School’s Latin Reading Competition provided an excellent opportunity for students in Year 8 and Year 9 to demonstrate their Classics skills.

Participants were tasked with reading a selected passage from the Cambridge Latin Course, about how the dastardly, authoritarian Salvius is hauled over the coals by his fickle wife for making them move to the countryside (she misses the city).

All of the participants put a huge amount of effort into their presentations, demonstrating the perseverance and confidence we have come to expect of St Edward’s students, as well as a very high level of ancient language fluency and performance skills.

The winning readers will be heading to Cheltenham Ladies’ College next week to take part in the Gloucestershire Latin and Greek Reading Competition. We look forward to seeing how our students get on, and are sure that the event itself will be a great experience for our young Latinists.