There was a lot of activity down on the school farm this lunchtime as members of Farm Club continued in their efforts to keep the animals happy and well-looked after during the cold winter months.

Farm Club runs every lunchtime and, over the course of the academic year, each Year group has an opportunity to get involved in caring for the animals. This term it is the turn of Year 4, under the watchful guidance of our two Year 6 Farm Pupil Supervisors, Duncan and Leo. Members of the Club take responsibility for a variety of tasks including cleaning out the enclosures, replenishing water and hay, and giving the animals food.

Led by the Headmaster, Stephen McKernan, the Club provides pupils at the Prep School with a hands-on experience of their local environment and helps them to understand the important place of animals within it. It also serves as a fantastic demonstration of the importance of routine and the need for commitment when caring for animals.

Our School, which is set within over forty acres of beautiful woodland, is an ideal place for the three alpacas, two goats and numerous chickens that live on the farm. The commitment and eagerness of the members of Farm Club to help look after the animals is wonderful to see, as we encourage all our pupils to be mindful of their environmental responsibility and have respect for the world around them.