The beginning of the Spring Term saw start of term Masses take place for both the Prep and Senior Schools.

The services enabled both staff and students to reflect on the idea of “moving forward”. We were encouraged to consider how the New Year provides fresh opportunities for us to cherish our individual gifts and talents, whilst remembering the importance of sharing them with others.

Both Masses included some poignant readings from pupils that spoke of thankfulness and appreciation, along with the importance of being tolerant, accepting and celebrating difference.

Fr Mark led the Senior School service and in his homily said, “The completion of the Christmas period reminds us that we need to be active, remember the gifts each and every one of us has and that we need to share them with others… Everyone has the capacity to fulfil their dreams by committing their efforts to them, and it is important to continuously cherish others moving into a New Year.”

Fr Pat, who led the Prep School in their Mass also reflected those thoughts and said “It is not important what differences people have, and that different people enjoy and like different things, it is only important that God has chosen every one of us as his people.”

The services were a wonderful way to start the new term and really served to encourage us all to be optimistic and look forward to experiencing everything that the term has in store.