The Hobkirk-Capps twins are known for the incredible talents and tenacity for Chess. Looking back over 2017, they have accumulated a sizable collection of trophies, certificates and prizes.

Early on in the year, Vincent and Mercedes attended the Gloucestershire Junior Chess Championship and secured two significant victories. Vincent became the ‘Supremo’ in the Championship, once again earning his place in the Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge Megafinal Qualifier. It should be noted, that Vincent has qualified for the Megafinal for 8th consecutive year. In the same competition, Mercedes secured the ‘Suprema’ Trophy in the Girls’ Tournament, also attaining a place in the Megafinal Qualifier. Vincent and Mercedes fought off stiff competition from many local schools, including Pate’s Grammar School and Crypt School.

After the Qualifier and the Megafinal, Vincent and Mercedes went on to attend the Gigafinal in Manchester. Mercedes continued, earning 3rd place and qualified for the Terafinal Challenge which she attended.

The Terafinal challenge is the top tier for school-aged chess players, with the overall winner being crowned UK Schools’ Chess Challenge Champion. Although Mercedes did not make it all the way, she performed well in the final stage. Congratulations must go to Vincent and Mercedes who have continued to play Chess at an exceptional level alongside their responsibilities at School.

What Chess accolades will 2018 hold? We will wait and see.