‘Outstanding’ Early Years Provision at St Edward’s Preparatory School

Following a recent Regulatory Compliance inspection by the Independent School Inspectorate (ISI), St Edward’s Preparatory School is delighted to report that all compliance standards were met and that the quality and standards of Early Years Provision rated “Outstanding” in all five categories.

The visiting inspectors spent two days at the Cheltenham based school spending time with teachers and pupils, they reported back on the school’s overall effectiveness; effectiveness of leadership & management; quality of teaching, learning & assessment; personal development, behaviour & welfare and outcomes for children.

Lynn Young, early years’ educator and manager at St Edward’s Preparatory School Kindergarten explains the ethos:‘We have a truly fantastic kindergarten setting at St Edward’s. Much of what we do is inspired by the innovative principles of Reggio Emilia, in which children are actively encouraged to take control of their own learning, express themselves, collaborate with others, and investigate the world through sensory exploration’

This is a continuation of the great work and commitment of the Early Years staff at St Edward’s Preparatory School who were also awarded “Outstanding” in their previous 2013 ISI Report and gained national recognition in 2015 when awarded the ISA’s ‘Excellence and Innovation in Provision’ award in the early years category.