Year 2 (6-7 Years)

The children in Year 2 follow a curriculum, which extends beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum to provide an exciting and interesting year. They are encouraged to do personal research for topics, using both books and ICT resources.


During their Year 2 the children will be encouraged to become very much more independent in both work and individual personal responsibility. The wide range of activities provided by fully qualified staff in a well-structured day enables each child to reach his or her own potential.


Through the IPC Curriculum we are able to link with schools all over the world through the use of video links and emails. The children also study a range of localities as part of their exciting topic work.


All children take part in concerts and performances throughout the year. In addition, a wide variety of clubs provide an opportunity for children to further explore many different areas of creativity, expressive arts and physical activities.


Pupils are given the opportunity for quiet reflection and a chance to share their thoughts and feelings with others during class sessions. Our wonderful pastoral suite and chapel are available for everyday use. Music, PE, ICT and French are taught by specialist teachers.