Sport and physical education provision continues to thrive and flourish at St Edward’s with a diverse curriculum, varied list of clubs and activities as well as busy fixture schedule across a wide range of sports.

We take our sport very seriously and are committed to achieving the best possible results at all levels. We offer all children the opportunity of representing the school and sampling the challenges, fun and enjoyment of competitive sport.

Competing against local state and independent schools ensures that there are plenty of opportunities all around the year and these include local district leagues, friendlies, large Independent Schools Association (ISA) meetings as well as more diverse events such as archery and gymnastics via our membership with the Cheltenham and North Tewkesbury School Sport network.

But it is not just about the more able pupils. All boys and girls play in matches and it is always pleasing to see the children coming on and improving their agility, balance and co-ordination levels as a result – after all, it is in the heat of the battle where the learning really takes place.

And finally, through our active and busy programme, our children are in great shape too with decent levels of fitness and plenty of stamina for the tasks at hand.

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