Religious Studies

Religious Studies offers a fascinating insight into many of the fundamental problems of human existence: into questions which people have pondered and discussed throughout history.

· Why am I here?

· Is there a God?

· Why do people suffer?

· Will I survive my death?

· How can I live a good life?

A study of the ways in which thinkers from the past have responded to these (and other) questions can help us to find meaning, purpose and a ‘good life’ ourselves. Dealing with such questions is a life-long task, and there is a wealth of resources from philosophical and religious traditions to help us examine them.

As a Catholic school, RS is both part of the School's overall Spiritual Life and an academic subject in its own right. All students undertake Religious Studies throughout their time at St Edward’s.

Our school mission statement gives central position to following RS as an academic discipline.

We seek to:

Instil a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith from the Catholic perspective.

Promote a reverence for the human person as created in the image of God. We also seek to instil an understanding of the Gospels and other sacred texts and their application to everyday life, so that love of God and one's neighbour are the pivotal features in each young person's life.

Discover our religious heritage and the contributions that faith communities make to 21st Century life.

All pupils in Year 10 follow the Edexcel GCSE Syllabus in RS. This course is a study of the Catholic branch of the Christian tradition. The work is examined by a 1.5 hour examination at the end of Year 11.  Students in Year 11, who have opted to take RS as a full GCSE follow a second module which covers the philosophy of Religion, Medical ethics, 'private' morality and 'public' morality.  This is followed by a 1.5 hour examination at the end of the Year.

Religious Studies is offered at A-level in which Philosophy and Ethics are studied.

OCR GCE Religious Studies Specification

This is an increasingly popular option for and reflects the national trend for popularity of the subject at Higher Education. Recent successes demonstrate this, with a good number of past pupils going on to study related subjects at university, for example – Theology at Oxford, Philosophy at Manchester and PPE at Warwick.

All Sixth Formers also have non-exam discussion-based R.E. sessions.

Enrichment activities

All students in Year 7 – 11 will spend a minimum of one day per year away from school on ‘Days of Recollection’ visiting a variety of local sites and developing the wider aspects of their personality and spirituality. A level students are taken on study days at Oxford University.

Longer field trips are periodically organised: there are plans in development for a combined Religious Studies and Classics trip to Rome at Easter 2014

Elements of the statutory PSHE, Citizenship Education Programmes and Sex and Relationships Education are incorporated into RS Schemes of Work where appropriate.