Psychology is offered as a Sixth Form subject and has become increasingly popular with many students choosing to study the subject at both AS and A2 level.

The syllabus followed gives students the chance to study a variety of topics. In the Lower Sixth (the AS course) students study six of the main theoretical approaches including cognitive and psychodynamic psychology; they also complete one piece of coursework, which is of an experimental nature.

Some of the students choose to carry out their coursework using the children at the Junior School but there are many other topics available. The requirement is that any research carried out adheres to strict ethical guidelines.

In the Upper Sixth (A2) the students get the chance to look at the ideas they learned in the Lower Sixth in everyday applications. They study criminological psychology, clinical psychology and child psychology as well as more general topics. This gives the students the chance to see how psychology works in real life and also gives those who are thinking of a career in psychology a chance to study more specific topics.