In Year 9 we introduce students to the joy of Physics as a subject in its own right. We are currently following the Year 9 Exploring Science Physics course covering forces and motion, pressure and moments, gravity and space and energy in preparation for the introduction of the more rigorous GCSE courses in September 2016.

During Year 10 and Year 11, the GCSE course is covered. Topics covered include: Radioactivity, Earth and Space, Forces and Motion, Energy Resources, Electromagnetic Waves and Nuclear Fission and Fusion. Students follow the AQA GCSE Physics course.

At A Level, we follow the AQA A level Physics course over two years of study. The AS course includes waves, materials, mechanics, particle physics and materials science. The second year of the course includes electromagnetism, fields and radioactivity. Students also have the opportunity to study two optional topics such as Turning Points in Physics, Medical Physics or Astronomy. There is no coursework associated with the A level, but students are prepared for the Practical Endorsement in which their practical skills are assessed.

Physics students are regularly give the opportunity to attend conferences at universities such as Warwick or Cardiff and, in 2016, a group went to Geneva to visit CERN.