Music (Edexcel)

  • COMPONENT 1: Performing: 40% of A Level
  • COMPONENT 2: Composing: 30% of A Level
  • COMPONENT 3: Performing: 30% of A Level

Course aims:

Advanced GCE Music aims to enable students to experience a wide range of musical skills including performing, composing and analysing, as well as developing an understanding of the historical and contextual uses of music.

Entry requirements:

Students should be able to perform at a standard roughly equivalent to a pass at Grade 5 and have achieved or be working towards Grade 5 theory. A GCSE Music grade A*- B is advised.

Key features:

  • Extends the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to communicate through music and take part in music making.
  • Extends the appreciation of the diverse and dynamic heritage of music, promoting spiritual and cultural development.
  • Develops particular strengths and interests encouraging life-long learning and providing access to music-related and other careers.
  • Enables students to recognise the interdependence of musical skills, knowledge and understanding and the links between the activities of performing/realising, composing and appraising.

Higher Education:

There are many varied degree courses available with Music as a single subject or in combination with others. Career opportunities include: performing arts, teaching, playing opportunities in the Armed Services, composing, music journalism, librarianship and publishing, musical instrument manufacture, maintenance and repair, sales, music administration, careers in television, radio and the popular music industry.

Examination Route: