Modern Foreign Languages

  • AS: Listening, Reading and Translation: 40% of AS
    Writing: 30% of AS
    Speaking: 30% of AS
  • Full A level: Listening, Reading and Translation: 40%  
    Writing: 30%
    Speaking: 30% 

French and Spanish (Edexcel)

Course aims:

An A Level in French or Spanish aims to provide students with an excellent grounding in all aspects of the language with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing in the language as well as to deepen their understanding of the social and cultural aspects of the French or Spanish speaking world.

Entry requirements:

A minimum of a grade A at GCSE (or similar qualification) is expected for the chosen language(s). Knowledge of and ability in other languages is an advantage. Students need to have a passion for, and interest in, the language(s) studied.

Key features:

  • Provides a topic-based (such as cinema, music, education, traditions) approach to learning the language with a comprehensive grammar course.
  • Preparation and delivery of speaking presentations as well as weekly conversation classes allow students to communicate confidently and effectively in the foreign language.
  • Increases sensitivity and positive attitudes towards language and language learning through independent and collaborative approaches.

Higher Education:

A language qualification is useful in many different careers: International law, teaching, banking, business, marketing, tourism, translating, civil service, posts with international companies, as well as adding another dimension to world travel. Linguists are highly employable people in a number of job sectors and dual linguists are highly sought after in many fields.

Top universities look very favourably upon students who study a language at A Level.