Mindfulness and well-being

We are now able to offer an extension to Individual Learning provision, focused upon Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is based upon meditation. It is a process in which the participant makes the connection between mind and body, focusing upon the moment, learning to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

The Mindfulness strategy also includes an element of behavioural therapy. This encourages students to recognise triggers for stress or anxiety, and by recognising them, learn to respond in alternative ways.

Mindfulness has been shown over many years to have a beneficial effect on students’ learning, achievement, well-being and behaviour. We offer free, open sessions in the summer term for any students in Years 11-13 to help them cope with the stresses of the examination season.

Some students may benefit from a more intensive form of Mindfulness intervention, with a focus upon changing and managing behaviour. For these students we can offer an intervention of at least 10 lessons, tailored to their specific difficulties (there is a cost for these sessions).

Both IL teachers have trained in Mindfulness at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, run by Oxford University Psychology Department.