Mathematics (EDEXCEL)

  • AS: Paper 1 – Pure Mathematics (67% of AS) Paper 2 – Statistics and Mechanics (33% of AS)
  • A2: Paper 1 – Pure Mathematics 1 (33% of A level) Paper 2 – Pure Mathematics 2 (33% of A level) Paper 3 – Statistics and Mechanics (33% of A level)

Please note that the above specification is currently a proposed version awaiting final approval by QCA for teaching from September 2017.

Course aims:

  • Encourage students to develop their understanding of mathematical processes.
  • Improve the ability to reason logically.
  • Extend skills and techniques for use within unstructured problems. Understand the difference between ‘real-world’ problems and modelling. 
  • Develop an awareness of the relevance of maths to other fields of study.

Entry requirements:

Knowledge of the complete content of the IGCSE Higher syllabus, especially algebra, is essential. If a student has not managed to achieve at least a grade A at IGCSE they will find the AS course extremely challenging.

Key features:

While studying Mathematics, students will be expected to use mathematical arguments, skills, knowledge and logic to solve problems. Many of the ideas met in Pure Mathematics also serve as important foundations for other branches of mathematics. Mechanics enables modelling of systems, describing the motion of objects and calculating the forces upon them. Statistics involves learning how to analyse and summarise numerical data in order to arrive at conclusions.

Higher Education

A level Mathematics is taken by a wide range of students, from those intending to read the subject at university, to those needing particular techniques to support another subject of their chosen career and it can sensibly be taken in conjunction with any other A level subject. It is a sought after qualification not only for the work place but also in Higher Education.