Learning Support

Pupils with dyslexia and other learning differences are helped to have a fulfilling educational experience at St Edward's. We recognise that a pupil of any intellectual level may have a specific learning difficulty. We provide expert, sensitive support and teaching and have a sound track record in enabling such pupils to fulfil their potential.

We screen all entrants into Year 7 and monitor progress so that we can provide appropriate intervention and supplementary teaching as necessary. We may advise that a pupil has a full diagnostic assessment by an Educational Psychologist. Pupils who need individual teaching are withdrawn from other classes on a rota basis and/or monitored within their classes. Older pupils have an individual lesson outside their subject timetable. Individual lessons are charged for, in addition to the normal school fees. 

Our Individual Learning Department is staffed by two full-time specialists and housed in small specialist rooms. We use a range of resources, including IT. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, confidentiality and trust, the pupil receives the appropriate individual help for his or her learning needs.


Achieving Success with Individual Learning

Charlie Ferris attended St Edward’s School from 2012-2016. Charlie has a range of significant literacy difficulties, which impact upon his reading and writing skills. Charlie worked with IL teachers throughout his time at St Edward’s to develop strategies for coping with and compensating for his difficulties. 

We ensured that the right access arrangements were in place for all Charlie’s exams, and that he knew exactly how to make the best of them. We encouraged Charlie to adopt a growth mindset: this resulted in Charlie working extremely hard, never giving up or losing a positive approach. 

In the summer of 2016 Charlie achieved an astonishing 7 A*-C grades at GCSE, including a very welcome B grade for English. We are very proud of Charlie. His achievement shows how working in partnership, listening carefully and hard work, really pays off.


Kirt started at St Edward’s in Year 7 and began IL lessons in year 8. Kirt dropped one GCSE subject which meant he could have and IL lesson and study time within normal curriculum time. IL teachers helped Kirt to cope with significant linguistic difficulties.

We developed strategies for coping whilst maximising achievement. In his GCSEs Kirt astonished himself with his achievements, achieving 2A*s, 3 As and 4Bs! He went on to AS levels, achieving 3 A grades. IL support involved helping him develop a higher level of writing skills, and helping him apply for university.

In the summer of 2016 Kirt once again achieved a superb set of A level results and is now moving on to the prestigious Manchester University Department of Engineering.