Learning Support

We have an excellent Learning Support team who will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have about your child prior to entry to the Preparatory School or once they are here.

Introduction: What is Individual Learning?

St Edward’s Prep School provides excellent all-round education. We commit to a challenging and rich curriculum coupled with a commitment to smaller class sizes where teachers have the time to support each individual pupil’s learning needs.

Some pupils require additional support to reach their full potential. The Individual Learning (IL) department at St Edward’s Prep offers a wide range of expert support for pupils  to help boost their academic progress. A proven track record of accelerated progress gives us the confidence to know we can get it right for your child.

I’m concerned about my child’s progress in school, what can I do?

There is no one route to IL support. Some pupils are identified by previous schools and routine screenings, others by teacher or parent’s concern. Our friendly, approachable staff  are always available to listen to your concerns. For further information click on the link to the flow chart: (existing flow chart from website)

If you have a concern about a child’s progress we can offer you, as reasonable adjustments and at no extra cost:

  • Detailed assessment of your child’s potential
  • Detailed assessment of your child’s literacy difficulties by a qualified assessor
  • Targeted, sensitive support with a proven record of success
  • Bi-Annual progress tracking
  • An extensive, established pupil assessment tracking pupil progress
  • Clear communication of progress and high expectations
  • A caring, supportive team with high expectations of every child

By working in partnership with you, we enjoy getting the best for your child.

Making a difference

We aim for all pupils receiving IL support to make value added progress. That means that in 9 months they will improve their spelling or reading age by more than 9 months. This is closing the learning gap and stopping the child from falling further behind.

We will assess your child and match the support to their Individual Learning needs so that progress is made. With your support from home and the expertise of school staff, St Edward’s is making a clear difference to growing pupil numbers every year.

More and more people are choosing St Edward’s Preparatory School to support their child’s Individual Learning needs.

Come and find out why!

Our procedures to support our children are available below:

Flow Chart | PDF

Model of Intervention | PDF