History (AQA)

  • UNIT 1: Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy, 1603–1649
  • UNIT 2: Democracy and Nazism: Germany, 1918–1945
  • UNIT 3: Historical Investigation (coursework) on aspects of Black American Civil Rights

The Course:

Advanced GCE History provides an opportunity for students to extend their knowledge of both British and World History and further develop the skills that the subject teaches. Unit 1 focuses on 17th century British History; the civil War, execution of Charles I and the rule of Cromwell. Units 2 and 3 concentrate on more modern history, namely Weimar and Nazi Germany and the quest for Black American Civil Rights from 1865 up to the present day.

To excel in the subject at A Level, students should have a strong interest in the past, an enjoyment of reading and possess good literacy skills, the ability to analyse and evaluate sources and be able to build and develop a well-supported argument.

Entry requirements:

GCSE History provides the most suitable foundation, with a pass at grade B or above a prerequisite for studying the course at A Level. However, if students have not taken GCSE History they may still be considered, depending on their performance in English and other Humanities subjects.

Higher Education:

The skills that A Level History teaches are highly valued by both universities and employers. History students are often cited as being some of the most employable and in-demand students when they leave university. This is because A Level History helps to develop analytical, evaluative, literacy and argumentative skills. These are crucial to a range of careers, such as Journalism, Law, Business, Politics and Education.