Geography (AQA)

  • Component 1: Physical Geography: 40% of A Level
  • Component 2: Human Geography: 40% of A Level
  • Component 3: Fieldwork Investigation: 20% of A Level

Course Aims:

The course aims to inspire students by the world around them. It will develop and apply their understanding of geographical concepts and processes. Students will become adept in the use and application of skills and new technologies through their studies both in and outside the classroom. Students will improve as critical and reflective learners, who are aware of the importance of attitudes and values, including their own. They will also develop into global citizens who recognise the challenges of sustainability and the implications for their own and others’ lives.

Entry requirements:

For Geography, a GCSE grade B or above in Geography would provide the most suitable foundation.

Key features:

  • Topics include: Changing Places, Water and Carbon Cycles, Global Systems and Global Governance, Hazards, Coastal Systems and Landscapes and Contemporary Urban Environments.
  • A Geographical Investigation - Students will participate in a field trip to Devon in the March of Year 12 and will base their investigation on the data collected.

Higher Education:

Geographers are highly regarded by employers due to the wide range of skills they possess and their ability to analyse and interpret information. The subject relates well to a range of careers from Civil Engineering, Meteorology, Education, Planning, Management, Tourism, Geology to Environmental Consultancy.