The EAL Department is the school’s newest department and is growing year on year as our provision for our international students increases. Our aim is quite simply to improve the level of English, study skills and cultural awareness of all students who have need of this additional input. This make take the form of  a level of assistance needed to aid access to the curriculum or may be more significant for students who require preparation for IGCSE English as a Second Language or IELTS for university entrance.

We test all entrants into the school, whose interview or academic background suggests they might need to be on the EAL Register. Not all students on the EAL Register may require EAL lessons, but the majority do and the positive impact on  their levels of progress in their academic subjects as well as the extra confidence that they gain in the interactions with their peers, makes this very worthwhile, and for many, absolutely essential. We set targets and monitor progress so that we can provide the appropriate intervention. This is usually in the form of individual lessons to enable a tailored programme to be provided, although group lessons may also be possible. We now have three experienced specialist teachers who are able to deliver these courses and EAL lessons are normally charged for, in addition to the normal school fees. 

We use a range of resources, including IT, audio and written sources and the material we use links in with many different cultures from all over the world, which facilitates many interesting discussions!