International students have access to the full range of courses available to St Edward’s students as detailed in the course handbooks as long as they are deemed able to access these courses through their level of ability and level of English. Because of timetabling constraints, not all combinations of subjects are available to be studied, but the school will do its utmost to help desired combinations to work.

All international students will have an individual meeting upon their arrival to confirm their proposed course of study. Certain courses require a significant amount of prior knowledge and study, so the School reserves the right to place a student into a course of study which is appropriate to their level of subject understanding.  International students must be aware that a high level of English language knowledge is required to study Year 12 courses and the School will assess the English ability of all international students soon after arrival. The Deputy Head Academic, in consultation with the appropriate Head of Department and the Head of International Students, has the final authority on approving courses of study for international students.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) instruction is available for students who require extra assistance with their English skills and this needs to be undertaken if the School considers that a student needs this tuition to help them access their courses and progress.

The School reserves the right to alter the student’s timetable or subject choices. If a student arrives during the year some courses may not be available. The School also reserves the right to change the course of a student if the proficiency in English is not at the required standard. An alternative course will be arranged in consultation with the student and the Deputy Head Academic.

IELTS(International English Language Testing System)

All International students in the Sixth Form are encouraged to study this course and undertake the examination for the qualification. This qualification is recognised by all higher education institutions and in the absence of a GCSE English qualification, a good score in this will be vital for entry onto most university courses.

1 Year Pre-Sessional Course

We also run programmes for students who may wish to come to study for a year prior to Sixth Form in order to improve their level of English and take a small number of GCSEs as well as IGCSE English as a Second Language. This is often a good route for students with IELTS scores of below 5.0 and offers the opportunity for students to get used to the English education system and English life and culture before they start on the more demanding two-year journey through A levels.

Short Stays

A further option exists for students who may wish to experience life at St Edward’s for a much shorter period such as a half term, one or two terms. This is available to students from ages 7 to 16 and normally we would seek to offer a full school timetable for such students with the option of additional English lessons in place of one or two subjects if this is necessary. This option may well suit students who would like a taster of life at St Edward’s prior to studying here for a longer period in the future.