In Year 9 we introduce the students to the wide variety of subject matter that Chemistry has to offer, including Metals, Air, Water, Acids and Alkalis, Carbon and Carbon Dioxide and Separating. There is a great deal of practical work involved.

GCSE Chemistry is a fascinating subject which especially appeals to the more able pupils. It deals with the stuff of matter, and its practicals are always the most spectacular of the three sciences!

At A-Level we follow the Salters' Chemistry course run by OCR. This contains a wide variety of Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry topics all of which are very up to date and backed up by a number of interesting practicals. Students are examined in two ways: end of year written module exams and coursework. In the AS year they write an Open Book report and do a practical experiment. In the A2 year they perform a lengthy Individual Investigation in their second term.