Classical Civilisation

Those pupils for whom the study of Latin is not appropriate beyond Year 7 follow a course in Classical Civilisation in Years 8 and 9. In Year 8 the students will cover three main topics – Roman Sport and Entertainment, Roman Religion and a selection of stories from Homer’s ‘Odyssey’. In Year 9 the pupils study the Olympic Games, Sparta and the Trojan War.

Key Stage 4

Classical Civilisation is an extremely popular GCSE option at St Edward’s. For the OCR GCSE students sit two papers in total. The modules are as follows:

  • Unit 1 Thematic Study – Myth and Religion
  • Unit 2 Literature and Culture – The Homeric World

Sixth Form

The OCR Classical Civilisation course is another popular choice for students. Classical Civilisation can be studied at A level without any prior knowledge of the subject. Pupils study three modules as part of the A-level course: 

  • The World of the Hero – the Iliad and the Aeneid
  • Greek Theatre – Oedipus, Frogs and Bacchae
  • Love and Relationships

The variety of the genres studied at A-level coupled with consistent references to works of art, architecture and archaeology, mean that the subject is an excellent companion to a number of other A-level subjects, particularly English, History and Drama.