Business Studies

Business (AQA)

  • AS: Leadership and Decision making in Business, Marketing, Operations, HRM and Finance.
    2 papers - each worth 50% of AS
  • A Level: Strategies for Success, Risk, Managing Change and all AS content.
    3 papers - each worth 33.3% of A Level

Course Aims:

Advanced Business provides an opportunity for students to develop a critical understanding of organisations in various contexts - services and manufacturing - from small start ups to large-scale multinationals. It encourages independent learning, analytical thinking and evaluative skills.

What is Business?

The subject centres on the concepts of choice and decision making. Students will consider factors such as objectives, risk, returns, costs, constraints and ethics to decide what to do in any situation.

Types of Decisions:

  • Marketing: Which markets to target, how best to position the business, how to communicate effectively and distribute products in a digital world.
  • Financial: How to raise finance, how to manage cash flow and how to increase profitability.
  • Operations: How to increase efficiency, improve quality and productivity.
  • Human resources: How to manage employees effectively, how to motivate and build employee engagement.
  • Strategic: How to compete abroad, how to compete digitally, whether to act ethically and how to manage growth.

Students need to understand theory, use models and apply their knowledge to a particular situation. They will look at the internal workings and management of organisations and consider the impact of the external environment upon business, analysing and evaluating differing business activities. Students should have a keen interest in the ever-changing business world, either generally or in a specific function such as marketing or finance.

Entry requirements:

It is strongly recommended that students hold a grade B in English Language or an essay subject such as History, and a grade B in Mathematics at GCSE, since the subject requires detailed written analysis and numerical reasoning in responses.

Higher Education:

  • Business/Management/International Business Studies with Psychology, Mathematics or a Modern Language.
  • Marketing/Product Design/Architecture – Business Studies with D&T and Art or Physics.
  • Accounting/Finance/Law – Business Studies with Mathematics, History or English.