Art Photography

We follow the Edexcel specification.

  • Unit 1 AS: 60% Themed project
  • Unit 2 AS: Examination 8 hours
  • Unit 3 A2: 60% Individually directed course
  • Unit 4 A2: Examination 12 hours

Course aims:

The course aims to develop technical, observational and creative skills using photography. These are enhanced by looking at different artists and ways of working. Individual strengths are encouraged in each student, helping them to develop their own ideas in order to make personal responses to a theme.

Every student will learn how to take professional photographs and then present these in a way that reinforces their expressive intent. They will be taught how to use a variety of IT software, which will give them skills for future careers and expand their cognitive abilities. The aim is to enlighten students and help them understand how important photography is in a media based world and how it affects every individual.

Entry requirements:

Visual awareness. An interest in Film, Photography and Media based careers. Enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge.

Key features:

  • UNIT 1: Introduction to Digital and SLR Photography, Adobe Photoshop, the darkroom process, animation and film editing. Culminates in a theme based personal project.
  • UNIT 2: Exploration of an externally set theme using skills acquired in Unit 1.
  • UNIT 3: Individually directed course following own ideas and area of expertise. Expands photography skills and techniques. Incorporates a dissertation that interrelates with the practical work.
  • UNIT 4: Exploration of an externally set theme using skills acquired in throughout Units 1, 2 and 3.

Higher Education:

Graphic Design, Media Studies, Film and Photography, Fine Art, Animation, Illustration, Fashion, Creative Arts, Journalism, Theatre Design, Shop Design, Education. Combined with other subjects it can be used for entry to a wide range of degree qualifications not necessarily related to Art and Design.